Strengthen your content – Steps to Create Your SEO Strategy

Writing is not an easy task for everyone, even the professional writers themselves suffer from time to time the writer’s block, a condition where they find it difficult to produce new and creative content. Even so, the important thing is to understand that your audience comes first, before the algorithms of Google.

Your content should be useful, original and creative . Before you sell your product or service think about how you can help your buyer person, then write a friendly article, well worked with examples and tips, and that tone corresponds with the brand. To rank your site in google affordable seo services is the best option .

Ideally, it should have a long extension (more than 1,000 words), since several studies have shown that the most worked articles tend to have better results in SEO .

Also check that your website has a responsive web design, in other words, that suits any technological device, whether from a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop computer. It is worth mentioning that since 2015 Google penalizes any website that does not have this type of design.

Analyze and measure your SEO strategy with affordable seo services

A good place to get this information is through Google Search Console , formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools”, a free tool that helps you to analyze, optimize and verify the state of your site in web search engines. It shows you all the errors that Google finds when it reads your website for them to solve them faster. everyone who wish to rank their website are in search of affordable seo services .

Likewise, you can not forget to link your site with Google Analytics , Google’s free web analytics tool. It is essential to have this tool to analyze all your online traffic and determine your marketing metrics ; Some that will help you evaluate your position are the number of sessions, traffic per channel, new and recurring users or total conversions, among others.