Phoenix Medical Malpractice Attorney

Introduction To The Issue Related To Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

A specific time during which either you must resolve your injury case or assign it to the appropriate court. Failure to do so may result in loss of your right to recover monetary damages. Most personal injury claims in phoenix have a statute of limitations of four years, although medical malpractice claims must be filed within two years of the negligence that led to the injury or when the injury was detected.

If children have been injured by negligence, an action must be brought before their eighth birthday or within two years, whichever occurs later. Public entities such as state and county governments and agencies and local municipalities have a shorter prescription period. You must follow strict legal procedures if you are filing a lawsuit against these entities.

Cases That Are Addressed By The Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Nursing Home Negligence

Abuse and neglect in the nursing home can occur in different ways. The most visible signs of neglect in nursing homes include poor hygiene, pressure ulcers, dehydration, malnutrition, strangulation, signs of retention, and unexplained fractures.


Slip And Fall Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Generally, a slip occurs when a person loses the balance, falls and as a result presents wounds. When suffering from this type of injury on an alien property, there must be a responsible person whose negligence caused the injury.

Pharmaceutical Errors In Phoenix

Occasionally, drug warning labels contain insufficient or misleading information, which causes patients to misuse medications. We take the drugs on the recommendation of our doctors, trusting our health and well-being of the pharmaceutical companies and their products.

Errors In Obstetrics And Gynecology (OB-GYN)

Every year women suffer from an error in obstetrics and gynecology that cause them injury, illness or death. If errors in obstetrics and gynecology arise from a regular checkup or during childbirth, this can lead to devastating results, which could affect your entire family.

Wrongful Death Cases In Phoenix

Although there is no rencompenza that replaces the death of a loved one, a claim for unjust death can offer compensation to the family for the loss and its consequences. Consideration of an experienced negligent death attorney is essential when deciding to file a claim.