Obesity in America

I was shocked when reading in the news a few weeks ago, about how a growing number of parents are actually getting gastric by-pass surgery for their obese children!  Can you believe that?!!  I know that the majority of medical doctors have been taught to prescribe drugs & perform surgery to treat the symptoms of disease, but these methods typically do not cure, heal or address the underlying cause of the problem.

Medical doctors regularly prescribe drugs, & often perform surgery for many illnesses that can be healed by a simple change of lifestyle habits (like eating REAL organic whole foods, instead of junk, drinking more pure water, instead of soda pop)  Obesity, diabetes type II, high blood pressure, acid reflux, high LDL cholesterol, even cancer & many other serious diseases can be treated, often healed & reversed by getting back to the basics of nutrition.

When eating a balanced natural, primarily whole food diet, you are getting LIVE enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, phytonutrients…basically, everything our Creator meant for us to consume.

Simply by integrating more raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, & nuts into your daily diet, your body will naturally balance it’s PH & become more alkaline rather than acidic (an overly acidic body is the result of eating processed, dead foods with no nutritional value)  Disease cannot form or manifest in an alkaline environment. The big problem is that medical schools do not teach about nutrition, prevention & pro-active health care! They teach their medical students who become doctors & medical “professionals” to treat their patient’s health problems, illness & disease AFTER the fact, with drugs & surgery!  Additionally, the Standard American Diet or “SAD” as it is referred to, has been based onincorrect information from it’s inception. The Food Pyramid that the FDA & our country has been brain-washed to follow has been upside down for decades!  It’s no wonder we have a massive epidemic proportion of obesity (even in babies & children!), diabetes, asthma, ADHD, cancer, heart disease, stroke & more in the US.

At a typical visit to most doctor’s office, they are quick to whip out their handy prescription pads, & send you on your way home with a half dozen new drug prescriptions.  More often than not, their “continuing education” being the cute pharmaceutical rep that comes by to take them to lunch, & drop off samples of the latest new miracle drug.  Ever read the warnings that accompanies each prescription? Or better yet, research them? It’s VERY scary!  WE are the guinea pigs, the lab rats.

Some simple adjustments to what & how we eat, drink more water, & regular exercise would eliminate a majority of our health woes.

Wake up, parents! You can decide to make some fun, healthy changes that will bring new vibrance & energy to your family! By slowly merging (I use this term, because it doesn’t need to be “all or nothing”) fresh organic fruits & vegetables daily it’s easier to integrate and form new positive healthy habits into yours & your families lifestyle, by taking baby steps. You’re setting yourself up for success this way, because after about 3 weeks, you will FEEL & see the positive changes in your body! Ever wonder about the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? It’s true! Our food, in it’s natural whole form, without being processed in a factory & converted to useless junk, should be providing us with what our body needs on a daily basis. If we don’t get these live enzymes & nutrients, our bodies begin to experience health problems; cellular damage occurs, we become overweight, and over time serious illness, disease & health issues may develop.

So, let’s get started! Begin by going through your cupboards, cabinets, refridgerator & freezer. Get rid of all the sugary cereal, bread, white rice,  processed food mixes, & otherjunk. Become a savvy label reader! Ever wonder what it is that you are really consuming? How about your kids? Do they start their day with sugary cereal out of a box…?  You will be surprised when you REALLY check those product labels. Cut out the toast, donuts, muffins & even commercial orange juice that has been pasteurized at extreme high heat levels, which “kill” all the nutritional value & vitamins.  Squeeze your own organic oranges…it’s awesome!  Lemonade made with fresh organic lemons, & sweetened with a little organic grade B maple syrup ROCKS!  And the health benefits will begin to happen, naturally….you’ll see! And your gonna LOVE the results. Set your goals, & give it 3 weeks.

When I went for my annual medical check up about 16 months ago, I found that my LDL (bad) cholesterol  tested very high.  My family MD said, “Donna, it’s hereditary…you need to take a prescription to bring your bad cholesterol down”. Well, I made a bet with him that I could make some changes in my diet & lifestyle, without taking drugs, & bring my cholesterol down naturally. We shook on it! I told him that I would be back in his office in 60 days to take another cholesterol test.  He was like, “ok, Donna…we’ll see!”  Then he winked at me, like “you’re crazy, girl”!! Welllll, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak (and yes, I do have some great recipes for that, too…later!)

Now, just for some background on me…I’ve been eating smoothies & healthy, mostly vegetarian foods for over 15 yrs. now. No pork or beef. Fresh salmon, tuna, chicken & turkey were the only animal products I consumed just once or twice a week. I’d been doing continuous research, taking seminars, & classes in the natural health & nutrition field, including herbs & essential oils/aromatherapy over the years.  I now decided to enroll in the “Living Foods Institute” in 2009 to take my already healthy lifestyle up a few notches, and  “go ALL the way raw”!

This school was a “Boot Camp” type environment, with structure & lots of warm positive support, education, & we could graze on raw organic vegan food all day long, which made it
so much easier to transition 100% right from the get go. The initial 5 or 6 days were the ”cleansing/detox” phase.  It reminded me of  girl scout or church camp, because we helped each other through it, & became fast friends.  We were there 12 hrs. each day, 10 days straight. You couldn’t sneak out for a burger or a pizza…!  The funny part was, you really didn’t even have the cravings, anyway!  We consumed no dairy (we learned to make amazing “cheeses” & milk from almonds, macadamia & other nuts!), no meat, no bread, no processed dead food.

I was there for 2 additional days, because had I enrolled in the school for more than the personal cleansing/healing experience. My personal healing & results were my priority, but then, I wanted to share it with the world! This environment was the best way to  change to a 100% raw food diet, rather than going it alone. Now that I was a “Rawbie” & living a new lifestyle of optimal wellness, I continued my education at the school to become a Certified Chef, Teacher & Coach. My first month, beginning as a “student”,  was to go through the cleansing & healing process along with that month’s class.  After this initial month, I was teaching the classes.

At the end of  the first 12 Day Program, I was a totally new person, both inside & out! I achieved so much more than anticipated;  my skin was glowing, my energy level shot sky high, & I had dropped several sizes!!  I was never, ever hungry, & always satisfied.  Drinking daily all the
fresh fruit & vegetable juices, including wheat grass, & alkaline water (half your body weight in ozs. of water, each day), the amazing smoothies, soups, & other gourmet foods we learned to make after the initial detox/cleansing period made my experience positively life changing. I could truly feel an amazing difference!

When I went back to see my MD, he entered the little room where I was waiting, with that awful little gown on (can’t someone design a pretty one?). I couldn’t quite read his expression, but I could tell he was very perplexed.  He then sat down on his little stool (you know, the one with the wheels!) and said, “Donna, you won our bet”. He scratched his head, & asked me what was it that I had done, again?  He told me that my bad cholesterol/LDL had come down over 100 points, to normal.  I then shared with him about my Raw Life Transformation.

He said, “you look really look great!”  I told him that I was excited to share my new lifestyle as a teacher, & coach. My vision was to open a tiny raw vegan café in Atlanta that serves fast, healthy gourmet food. I will also teach 2 hr. classes at my café, on the weekends. He told me to keep him posted (still scratching his head, & looking puzzled), that he and his wife would love to come eat at my café.  He admitted that he had learned something from me.

There’s an entire new world out there, waiting for you to become a healthier, more vibrant you!  If you are interested in learning more about vegan & raw food weight loss, contact me directly for a customized, personal program where I will guide you to reach your goals. I will provide you with shopping guides, & recipes that YOU like!  Geography is not an issue, as I do LIVE weekly webinars, coach with you over the phone or on skype weekly, to keep you on track, & inspired! Contact me today, and let’s schedule your 20 minute complimentary consultation, complete with Health Analysis.  I am having a limited time ”Buddy Special”, so grab one of your friends & let’s get you started on YOUR amazing Raw Transformation, right away!