Child Bumble Bee Costume

Childrens parties are no fun without yummy gums, candies and fun costumes. To add color to the event, sweet bee child bumble bee costumes are offered to dress up the sweetest thing in more creative ways. Set your children apart from their friends, who are most likely to don princess or superhero ensembles. Make her one of the well-loved creatures of nature. Transform your child into being cutest with an ensemble of a sleeveless striped dress with black crinoline skirt. Complete the buzz effect with its yellow wings, stinger and antennae headband. Pair it up with black and yellow striped stockings. Now this should get your 8 to 14-yeay olds ready for a memorable party experience.

Adult Bumblebee Costume

It is hard to be cute when you are 20 or 30 something years old. Finding the child in you can be hard when you are thinking of a costume idea for that big Halloween party in your office or in your social group. When you are done becoming a vampire, sexy pirate or temptress female superhero, why not try to be the queen bee? If sexy, flirty and comfortable costumes are what you seek, then you should go for an adult bumblebee costume . Complete with sheer and detail effect, sweet bumblebee costumes are perfect for ladies who wants to stay cute yet still looking a bit like a temptress in their next costume party. Sweeten the party scene with an ensemble of black and yellow striped dress with matching leggings and well-detailed accessories. Buzz your way to the party with glitter detailed yellow wings and plush antennae bands. For a simple costume idea, an adult bumblebee costume will sure work nicely in any event.