Adsense Account Buying And Earning Tips For Indians

This post is specifically designed for all Indians who are trying to make money with adsense. We all know that without visitors our site will not make money. They need to really enjoy the site and before that you must enjoy blogging.

If you don’t know how to do it no need to worry. I am going to tell you the ways on How To Prevent Losing Your Blog Readers And Traffic. Yesterday my friend came to me and asked the question that what will be the reason of losing site’s traffic and readers, the answer was simple and interesting and i told them some important ways to bring in more visitors to their adsense blog. Some asked whether they can open a new adsense account, if they have their account banned already. In this post, I am gonna tell you all those secrets. So be active and carefully readout the ways on how to get a new adsense account if you have been banned before and prevent losing your blog readers and traffic.
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Now lets see the reasons on why your adsense account will be banned:

  •         Pop Up Advertisements
  •         Design
  •         Too Much Advertisements
  •         Content Quality
  •         Duplicate Content

Pop Up Advertisements:

Pop Up Advertisements are the special type of advertisement which Auto Pop Up when you visit any site and as a result of those Pop Up Advertisements many reader got annoyed and they pissed off  from site. If your site is getting huge amount of traffic/readers and you also using pop up advertisements then the visitors which are coming to your site will be pissed off so I recommend you to stop using such type of ads which usually Pop up when you visit or click on any post.


To attract the attention of huge amount of readers, your site look should be Responsive, Neat and Clear because if your site is good in appearance, then the readers will also love to visit your site and if yours site is bad in look wise then the traffic which you are already receiving, will also be gone so, Always choose Neat, Clear And Responsive Theme/Template.

Too Much Advertisements:

Too Much Advertisements cause loss of readers and traffic because these advertisements sometimes Hang Up your PC and sometimes your PC also get infected by malicious viruses. Sometimes these advertisement contain some pornography sexually related topics and as a result of those pornography related topics your site readers will stop visiting your site. So stop using too much advertisements especially those advertisements which contains the pornography related topics

Content Quality:

Always write unique quality content and be honest while writing because Content Is The King in SEO. By writing quality content to your adsense site you can attract the huge amount of readers and daily you can get thousands of millions of readers live. The thing which you just need is, Concentrate on your site niche and always try to write quality content and be unique.

Duplicate Content:

As you all know that duplicate content is the content which appears more than 1 time in search engines (Url) and when such type of content comes the search engines will not like it.  As a result they removes the duplicated site content and mark that content as spam. So to get rid of such duplicate contents, Always be unique and honest.

Author’s Last Words:

So these are the ways on “Adsense Account Buying Tips And Avoid Your Adsense Account Banning” so remembers these tips always while doing blogging, So keep calm and take implementation of these ways to achieve successful goal in blogging. Now we are also allowing guest posts on our site if anyone interested contact us and enjoy happy blogging