Donna Wilson

Raw Food Chef, Donna Wilson

Raw Food Chef, Donna Wilson has been on a continuous healing journey, building upon a foundation of 15+ yrs. of holistic health, wellness and nutrition which includes coaching healthy weight loss, experience & certifications in natural cleansing & detoxification of the body, herbal pharmacy, natural remedies, and aromatherapy.

As a result of an accident with severe physical trauma, now nearly three years ago, Donna was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  The horrific chronic physical pain, migraines and exhaustion led her to extensive research to try to find alternative ways to “step up” her body’s own natural healing process.  She did not want to continue to take all of the prescription medications that the hospital & her MD had prescribed which included muscle relaxants, pain meds and more.  What she found, was that by changing to a Raw & Living on Live Foods Diet & Lifestyle was an answer to her prayers!

You may have heard the buzz lately about Raw Foods Diet, that help the body to naturally cleanse/detoxify & heal, for quick healthy weight loss, more energy, younger skin, anti-aging, and longevity. You may also ask, what exactly IS a Raw & Living on Live Foods Diet?! Does a Raw Foods Diet really lead to more vibrant & overall better health? Absolutely YES!!!

Donna Wilson

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A raw live foods diet consists of fresh, organic uncooked fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts,  legumes, & sprouts.  They can be eaten as whole foods, in salads, raw uncooked soups, smoothies…chopped, blended, diced & shredded. Because raw foods are not heated above 112 – 115 degrees, the live enzymes are not destroyed by cooking.  Raw foods retain much higher nutrient levels than cooked foods. These live enzymes are the life force! There are so many amazing, tasty gourmet ways to create fabulous meals, treats, snacks and desserts…all of which are healthy & packed with nutrients!  My programs are custom tailored to your particular food choices & preferences, as well as to your unique health challenges. Gluten free, dairy free, organic vegan whole foods. You will eat tasty, satisfying meals & snacks throughout the day, and never be hungry!  If weight loss is your goal, there’s no calorie counting and you can throw away your scale!  Weight loss will happen, quickly safely and naturally if your body NEEDS to lose weight.  Just remember, we are going back to the way we were designed & set up to feed our bodies in the beginning.  There were no microwaves in the Garden of Eden….!

Donna is a graduate of the “Living Foods Institute” in Atlanta. She is a Certified Gourmet Raw & Living Foods Chef, Educator and Coach. Previously, she was certified by Alissa Cohen.  Donna is very passionate about helping others to learn how to live a healthier, more vibrant life!

Make sure to visit Donna’s site regularly at DonnaWilsonsWorld.com for the latest news on healthy raw foods. Donna can also be found on Twitter @DLWilsonsWorld
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