The 3 W’s of Weight Loss

I am not a believer in “Diets”, although I may use the word on occasion only to refer to the food that we eat/consume.  I don’t believe in fad diets or the latest crash diet to hit the scene for losing weight. These are generally not only unhealthy, they can be dangerous. These diets are not “lifestyle changes” ,  so you end up with the “Yo-Yo” syndrome, gaining back more than you lost to begin with…can anyone relate?!  Creating newhealthy habits is the key to lasting good health, maintaining your body’s optimum weight, preventing disease & slowing down the aging process.

I want to share with you today, 3 very simple, yet POWERFUL ways to begin a healthier new lifestyle, that will help you lose weight if needed, tone up your body, feel more energy & maintain optimal health & weight!

  •  Water – Drink more of it! Your body NEEDS it! It flushes out the toxins that are stored in your fat cells, it hydrates your skin, so you look better, FEEL better & it is necessary! Often, your body is signaling “thirst” rather than hunger.  So, drink up!  Drink half of your body weight in ounces of pure water, each day. Tea, coffee & juice are fine, but are not water…so they don’t count!  The more pure water you drink, you’ll find the smaller portions of food you’ll need when you eat a meal or snack. Try drinking a glass of water within 30 minutes of your next meal! Ask me about how to find the BEST water at a fraction of the price of bottled!


  • Whole Foods – Yes, it’s really THAT simple! Just choose organic whole foods, instead of the processed, DEAD food, & fast foods that don’t feed your body any nutrition!  Dead foods & lack of pure water are a few of the reasons many people eat too much. There are other reasons, but I’ll save those for another post! The body needs to be nourished, but the processed food is just not delivering!  So, you stay on that merry-go-round of continuous eating, always feeling hungry & not quite satisfied.  There are many incredible smoothies, soups, & meals that can be made fresh, fast & simply in your kitchen that will jump start your health & fitness goals!  It is not a diet, it becomes your LIFESTYLE! Start slow if you need to, maybe by replacing just your breakfast with a smoothie, or a chia/quinoa breakfast cereal recipe (vanilla or chocolate, I’ve got recipes with many variations!)  Then, after a few days, add an additional raw vegan whole food meal into your day.  Soon, your body will crave those vitamins, live enzymes & nutrients!  Your taste buds will change, & fast food, sodas & junk will make you gag to even think about.   By integrating one or two meals to start out with, after an initial cleanse/detox (ask me how), you’ll be dropping the weight naturally…no hunger, no scale, no problem!


  • Walk – Simply make a commitment to walk for 30 minutes, briskly each day (get your heart rate up, bust a sweat….strolling does not count!!) Fresh air & sunshine will do wonders for your attitude, energy & health! The awesome part about this, is almost anyone can do it…make a daily habit of walking. Grab a friend, neighbor or your spouse & like Nike says, “just DO IT”!!  It’s convenient & FREE – there are no gym fees.  I do suggest getting a good treadmill, for those days that are rainy.  You can usually get an excellent condition used one, by looking in the classifieds in your area. That’s how I got mine, for $50 bucks.

Those are just 3 basic tips that can really help you with getting back on track to a healthier, more energetic, better YOU!  For recipes, meal planning, grocery guides, & private coaching contact me.  But only if you are serious about making some very positive changes, that you will see & feel in less than 30 days!  I can only coach a limited number of people personally, each month. I have several programs to choose from, & I can customize one that will fit your individual needs.  Contact me now, & schedule your first 20 minute phone/skype consultation with me for free!