21-Day Challenge

Enjoy Amazing Health * Vibrant Energy * Vitality * Anti-Aging * Healing * & Easy  Natural Weight Loss (if necessary) – Join Donna Wilson’s 21-Day Challenge!

Are you interested in living a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps, you want to exercise more. Or maybe you would like to lose weight. If any or all of these things ring true for you, I have an easy, healthy and economical way for you to accomplish these goals and much more!

  • You don’t have to suffer!
  • You don’t have to starve yourself!  (In fact, it’s quite the opposite!)
  • You don’t have to weigh yourself everyday!  (As a matter of fact, you will be able to eat throughout the day, all that you want.)

So ditch that scale!  There is no calorie counting, either!  If you follow my program, the weight will naturally drop off, quick and easy!  And if you add just 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking each day, this will increase the benefits even more, for faster results.

By definition, “Raw & Living Foods” means foods that are unprocessed, uncooked, and never heated over 115 degrees.  Foods that are alive, with active live enzymes, are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrition in its natural, God-intended form!  Eating the right combination of Raw & Living Foods will provide your body everything it needs, and it will enable the food to be properly digested, absorbed & assimilated.

There are 2 main causes of disease, as I refer to it,”Dis-Ease” in the body:

  • Toxins
  • Lack of Nutrition or Proper Absorption of that Nutrition

When your body is cleansed of toxins and is getting the proper nutrition, everything works the way it was designed to!  Your immune system will protect your body against harmful illness and disease.  When your body is getting fresh, organic natural, whole food nutrition, the food is easier for your system to digest, you get more energy and your body can heal itself naturally! It is also “self-cleaning”, so it will keep your body cleansed. It’s really quite amazing!

The Buddy System: I highly recommend finding a like-minded friend and commit to getting healthy together!  You can help each other to stay accountable by eating raw foods and exercise every day.  If you are serious and you commit to the Donna’s 21-Day Challenge, you will look and feel like a BRAND NEW YOU…better than ever before, guaranteed!

Interested in Consultations and Trainings? I am available for group classes, private classes and coaching, parties, catering events, and more!  Sign up for Donna’s 21-Day Challenge and you will get personalized coaching WITH ME EACH DAY!  You will receive an in-depth personal evaluation, shopping guides, menu plans, my amazing raw recipes, daily inspiration, coaching & more.  Set yourself up for a successful transformation, & I will guide you each step of the way!

Alissa Cohen Trained:  If you are not familiar with Alissa Cohen, she is one of the world’s leading authorities on raw foods and health living! Alissa has helped many people find relief from numerous ailments and diseases simply by following her raw food program! Alissa is the author of numerous books including Living on Live Foods andRaw Food for Everyone.

What kind of ailments or health issues can a raw food diet help? All kinds!  Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Acne, Migraines, Back, Neck and Joint Pain, Asthma, and other maladies can be controlled and even eliminated!

Want more information on my 21-Day Challenge? Make sure to Contact Me, Donna Wilson, Raw Food Chef and Health Expert! I will respond to you right away.

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